Marble worktop maintenance

Marble is a 100% natural material with a unique colour and pattern. The worktop is made of the marble quarried from the earth’s crust. At Diapol, we cut it in a suitable size, after which its edges and surface are finished.
Marble worktops are only durable when regularly and properly maintained.

Carrara worktop

Daily cleaning

For the daily cleaning of a marble worktop, we recommend using a damp (microfiber) cloth, warm water and, if necessary, either a neutral (pH 7), mild alkaline (pH 8-10) or mild acidic (pH 4-6) detergent. Look for detergents made especially for natural stone and avoid using highly acidic or detergents containing bleach when cleaning a marble worktop.
Note also, that the surface of a marble worktop is sensitive to abrasive materials – a scourer or a grain of sand in the washcloth may cause micro-damage.

Preventing and removing stains

Marble is a porous material that easily absorbs water, so it is necessary to be careful and to protect the surface against dirt and liquid. Avoid spilling chemicals and corrosive substances on the worktop. It is also important to be careful when handling everyday products such as coffee and tea, oils plus acidic fruits.

The best way to avoid staining is to remove any dirt from the worktop immediately. Use paper towel, water and a mild, suitable detergent, so that the dirt does not dry and absorb in the stone. In case of heavy staining, we recommend using special cleaning products designed for marble surfaces. Such products are available at Diapol or at retail outlets. After using the cleaning product, we recommend to wash the worktop again using clean water and a detergent.

Avoiding heat damage and scratches

Since marble is softer and more porous than e.g. granite, a marble worktop is quite easily scratched. This is why we always recommend using special cutting boards to avoid possible damages. We also highly recommend using special trivets, when placing hot objects on a marble surface.

Long-term maintenance

To extend the lifespan of the worktops, they have been treated with a sealant. This is done to ensure that the stone does not absorb liquid. Depending on the type of marble and how much the worktop is used, we recommend to treat the marble worktop with a sealant on a regular basis. This should be done at least once yearly.