Affordable marble designed worktops.

We all want to have good things in our lives, unfortunately, sometimes we can’t afford to buy them. Don’t be scared to tell the salesperson your budget. It will help them to come up with a perfect solution for you.

Kitchen worktops can variate in prices, it all depends on what material you are looking for. The most common material is a laminate. Laminate is very cheap, comes in different colors and can be found in most of the kitchen furniture stores. The downside of the laminate is that the life span is pretty short, you can easily leave marks and burns on it. With a laminate countertop, your kitchen will look quite basic.

When thinking about kitchen renovations many of us would search for kitchen inspiration pictures. The latest hit on the market is stone kitchen countertops with marble design. What many people don’t know is that having a real marble in your kitchen isn’t worth the price. Sure it will look stylish, marble is an extremely porous material if you spill some red wine on your countertop and don’t clean it right away, and I mean RIGHT AWAY!  It will leave a stain!

In this picture, you can see freshly cut lemon set on marble peace

In this picture, you can see the stains left from the lemon. I removed the left lemon piece in 30min and the right one in 13 hours. The damage is unrepairable.

For people with a love for marble, we can recommend quartz or ceramic countertops.

Quartz worktops are very durable, they come in a variety of colors. Most of the quartz worktops are 20mm thick. Quartz is a blending of natural and artificial materials. One of our bestselling quartz with light marble design is Carrara Quartz-  natural white with beige veins in the material, modest design.

And now we welcome to our assortment Venatino quartz! It has stunning marble-like veins running through the stone. It is mostly white with grey veins, subtle design. Venatino Quartz is a beautiful alternative for the real Carrara marble. Your kitchen will be complemented by this marvelous piece. Venatino is on the pricier side, but still more affordable than famous brands. It has identical properties just like the high-end brand ones.

Most affordable options from ceramics with marble design are Touche Blanco, Storm Negro, Storm Gris, Larsen Super Blanco, these ceramics come in 6mm thicknesses and are made with glued edge 20mm or 30mm.

Ceramic worktops are very durable, they are scratch-resistant, heat resistant and non-absorbent. You can cut your veggies on the ceramic worktop and nothing would happen, but we still kindly advise you not to! We kindly ask the customers to avoid setting heavy objects on the worktop, it goes to every type of stone, under the heavyweight countertop can break.

If you have any questions regarding your kitchen worktops please contact us! We would be happy to help you find the right solution for your kitchen!