What to take into account before ordering a kitchen worktop?

Ordering a kitchen worktop is a very simple process, but to make sure everything runs smoothly it is important to keep in mind some simple points:

The process comprises three parts:

1. Enquiry
2. Measurement
3. Installation

If everything goes as planned, your new worktop will be installed in only two weeks.

It all starts from an enquiry

If you send us an enquiry indicating your selected materials, we will give you a price estimate. Be sure to keep in mind that the price may change somewhat after taking the exact measurements. It is important to note, for example, that stone worktops are more expensive than laminate or wood worktop.

You can send us an enquiry in two different ways:

1. By sending us a drawing of your kitchen by email and indicating which materials you would like a price estimate for. The more information you can give us the better. For instance, which profile you would like to have and how many openings there should be in the worktop.

2. By filling an enquiry form and submitting it through our website, where you can select answers quickly and with no effort. Completing the form only takes a few minutes. We are able to send price estimates for enquiries submitted through the enquiry form on our website considerably faster – normally within one working day.

Measuring ensures a flawless worktop

If the price is acceptable to you and you decide to order a kitchen worktop from us, the next step is measurement.

As a rule, we do not produce or install worktops we have not measured ourselves. This is because stone worktops, for instance, are more expensive, which also makes mistakes in measurement more costly. If the customer wants to save on the cost of our measuring service and is convinced of the accuracy of their drawing, we will be ready to produce and install the worktop, but only if you are willing to take responsibility for your own measurements. We always recommend ordering our measuring service.

Measuring should be ordered a week before the installation of the kitchen furniture. This leaves us enough time to process your order. If possible, we request that you be present during the measurement to answer any questions we might have.

Also, please allow the measurer to have secure access to the site of the worktop. We often deal with construction projects in progress, but the measurers often have to make their way through building equipment. The work goes faster if the space is clear.

Measuring takes one to three hours.

NB! Before ordering our measuring service, kitchen cabinets must be installed, the old worktop removed and the backsplash finished. Kitchen cabinets and backsplash must not be changed or supplemented/repaired after taking the measurements, as even a change of 1 mm can drastically affect the fitting of the worktop.


Within about two weeks, we will come to install the worktop. Here are a few tips for a fast and smooth installation:

1. Make sure that the necessary openings for the stove, sink and any other appliances are provided in the cabinets, furniture and support frames under the worktop. We will of course check everything, but to save time, it would be good to have these openings cut in advance.

2. Cover the kitchen floor. Our installers must wear safety shoes which may damage the floor. If you have a freshly installed kitchen floor, please cover it with masking paper or other protective material.

3. Make sure that all water and power connections are off. Our team does not work with plumbing or electricity and if these are not finished, we have to agree on a new date for the installation, which will delay the completion of the work.

Please see our general terms of sale for further information about the whole process.

In case of specific questions, our sales managers are always ready to help you.