Granite worktop-for those who appreciate quality and love nature!

Granite worktops: what should I know?   

Granite is 100% pure nature!

This means that granite is a natural stone which formed three billion to 750 million years ago as a result of the cooling of melt lava in Earth’s crust. Granite is a genuine natural rock – elegant, noble, and with a long history! Scientists believe that the forming of granite rock took millions of years in the course of the development and growth of the Earth’s crust. Today, we can enjoy the useful properties of these beautiful rocks by covering kitchen and bathroom worktops, external facades, and even floors with this valuable material.

Granite worktop is perfectly suitable for your home if

… You appreciate beauty. No other material has such attractive natural colors or unique stone patterns. Granite is available in a completely pure form in nature and these patterns are not artificial.

… You need a reliable worktop! We do not exaggerate if we say that granite will last forever! It is almost impossible to damage it, even though worktops require some care to preserve their beautiful and timeless appearance.

… You need a heat-resistant material. Hot frying pans, saucepans, oven pots, and trays can be placed directly onto a granite worktop without fear of damage!

… You like a natural feel! As mentioned above, this is a genuine natural material, packed with natural energy accumulated during millions of years.

How to maintain natural granite material to preserve its original appearance?

Granite stone is luxurious, heat and frost-resistant, hygienic, and durable. These qualities make granite worktops a popular choice for any home. Furthermore, granite is suitable for places with a severe environment, such as a kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor grilling area. In such places, the humidity level is high and temperature often fluctuates from hot to cold.

Although it is almost impossible to cause any real damage to granite, it is not a secret that worktops wear in the course of time. If a granite worktop is duly maintained year by year while following good advice, it will retain its mint appearance for a long time! Even the creation of nature needs attention and care.

Pouring large amounts of water on a granite worktop and letting it soak into it is definitely not a good idea. Even though you cannot tell it from its appearance, granite, like many other natural materials, is porous and absorbs liquids in the course of time. In the kitchen, attention should be paid to beetroot and lemon juice, which may stain a granite kitchen worktop and change its color.

A granite worktop can be cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth. Then, the worktop should be dried with a towel. It is not a good idea to use chemical cleaning agents with high chlorine or alkaline content! Natural stone and chemistry do not match.

If granite is chosen for a kitchen worktop, it is recommended to use a cutting board for preparing food and cutting and avoid direct contact between the knife and the worktop, if possible. Nowadays, knives are quite sharp and may leave traces on a granite worktop due to frequent contact.

Did you know that

… Earth’s crust includes different types of granite in immense quantities.

… Granite has a high value, but only ten percent of excavated granite finds ‘new life’ in the form of kitchen worktops or any other worktops. The remaining 90 percent is used in other industrial sectors, where the valuable qualities of granite are equally appreciated!

… Granite can be found in millions of different shades of color. Matching color shades is very important in the process of granite mining, as colors vary between the deposits as well as the excavation depths of the rock. Rock types located deeper in the earth are more compressed and have a darker pattern, while lighter shades are found in surface layers.

How does a beautiful granite worktop reach our homes?

It takes a long journey before granite reaches our homes in the form of worktops. Almost every country has their own granite resources, but the main granite mining regions are India, China, Africa, Brasilia, and Scandinavia. Large granite resources enable exporting it all over the world, and thus a granite worktop can be purchased anywhere across the globe. India, China, and Brasilia are the main countries where raw granite blocks are mined. The blocks are used for cutting out granite slabs with a different size and thickness in the course of further processing. Polished slabs are used in stone factories for manufacturing granite worktops, which are sold all over the world, including by Diapol. Granite is transported by sea. In marine containers, granite blocks sometimes reach the destination in a two to three months’ time! When materials have arrived at the port, they are lifted onto trucks and taken to a storage site. In this form, granite slabs will reach the warehouse of Diapol.

Granite kitchen worktops from Diapol

Diapol is renowned for their versatile and broad range of materials. Therefore, you can choose a worktop material most suitable for your needs from various granite slabs available in our store! We have selected the best granite grades originating from the quarries located in the different corners of the world. We wish to offer a versatile range which would include the most beautiful natural patterns. Today, artificial materials are also produced, the appearance of which is similar to granite; however, nothing can replace the genuine and luxurious granite stone! A major value of granite is its completely natural origin.

At Diapol, we respect nature and make an effort to ensure that these masterpieces would decorate your homes and offices for many years in the form of kitchen and other worktops.

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