With the right care, you extend the life-span of your worktop. Kitchen worktops are particularly vulnerable when it comes to dirt and liquids. For this reason, it is a very good idea to purchase a suitable cleaning detergent. On this site you find to great products. We sell one for quartz countertops and another one for marble, granite and other types natural stone.

Are you looking for a product that requires a minimum of maintenance, we can recommend the ITOP countertop; a material which resembles ceramics.

We impregnate (treat it with a sealant) your worktop before sending it to you. It is, however, still a good idea to clean your countertop on a regular basis. For the daily cleaning, a damp microfiber cloth and hot water most often suffices. For the additional cleaning, we recommend that you use one of the products that are sold on this site. In this way you can make sure that your countertop stays as beautiful as when you first started using it.

If you are not sure of which product you should choose, or if you have any questions about the maintenance of your specific countertop, you are, naturally, more than welcome to contact us.