Quartz vs Quartzite-what`s the difference?

These two stones sound so alike but they are totally different from each other in almost all aspects.
The first difference between these two is material hardness.

Based on the Mohs Hardness Scale, quartz scored at seven while quartzite scored between seven to eight scale.

Maintenance and cleaning.

Carrara Quartz

Quartz does not need annual sealing to keep good non- porous condition but quartzite requires a once a year sealant application. This helps to keep your countertop mould free and antibacterial.
Otherwise, both materials are easy to clean and maintain, daily cleaning requires only soft cloth and soap. We also recommend to not use any abrasive wiper for cleaning, it might dull the colour and remove the sealant coat from quartzite.

Quarzite is heat resistent, compared to quarz, qaurz is less heat resistent than quartzite.

But to prevent any damage, we still recommend using heat- resistant pad.
Both materials quartz and quartzite are scratch-resistant, but when comparing those two materials with each other, then quartzite is harder than quartz so quartzite is more scratchproof.

Take a look at our quartzite choice.

Take a look at our quartz choice.