Beautiful and timeless worktops since 1993


Beautiful and timeless worktops since 1993


Beautiful and timeless worktops since 1993


What's up?

Customers feedback


We are very pleased and happy with installed granite worktops and the installation team did a great job in fitting them.

Rebecca Izzard

We are pleased with the worktops. It is the 2nd time we have used your company and we have pleased each time. Thank you for all your help.

Mikko Luukkaa

I have to thank you for the very professional work ethics and support and understanding of the client. All worked well and can recommend you.
Thank you!

How We Work

We follow a very simple, yet effective, service model which has always delivered the best results:


In order to deliver a first class project, we have to start right. Our consultation will help us establish your specific needs and the project scope. Working directly with designers and contractors, we’ll quickly pinpoint the most appropriate stone products for your specific project and talk through each option with you, to ensure you have a clear understanding of each step, from consultation to delivery.


Once we receive your bid conditions, our fabrication team will create a set of technical drawings, tailored to your project. These describe the product(s) that you’ve requested. Bid drawings enable us to deliver you an accurate and competitive bid. Our customers have always valued our exceptionally fast and accurate bidding process.

Production and delivery

Successful delivery is a team effort, bolstered by streamlined communication, and constant interaction amongst all parties involved.
  1. Once you accept our bid, your dedicated project manager initiates production.
  2. You are kept updated on the progress of your order throughout the entire production process.
  3. Our logistics team schedules freight and delivery dates, wherever you need your products shipped to.

Who we are

Diapol makes worktops easy for you. With more than 25 years of experience we can help you all the way – from inspiration to measuring, from ordering to installation.  

If you’re looking for worktops we give you four good reasons to choose Diapol:
  • Exceptional quality for the money
  • Fast delivery 
  • Easy to use ordering system
  • 360-degree personal service