outletNova Black

outlet Nova Black


Material: Granite
Colours: Black
Surface Finish: Polished

Hindadele lisandub lõikamis- ja töötlustasu

Color and photo accuracy is not guaranteed. Since granite is a product of nature, we promise you will never find a material that looks exactly like this.

Granite is a 100% natural material with a unique colour and a beautiful pattern. Worktops are manufactured from excavated granite. It is then cut into suitable pieces, after which the edges and surface are treated.

Granite worktops are highly durable, heat resistant and, with regular maintenance, they can have a very long lifespan.

Photos are illustrative.

Edge profile

  • Antique Edge
    Antique Edge
  • Chamfer Edge
    Chamfer Edge
  • Shark nose
    Shark nose
  • Single Pencil Round Edge
    Single Pencil Round Edge
  • Half Rounded Edge
    Half Rounded Edge
  • Rounded Edge
    Rounded Edge
  • Pencil Round Edge
    Pencil Round Edge


Residential uses

  • Shower Stalls & Tub Surrounds
  • Fireplace Surrounds
  • Kitchen Worktops
  • Kitchen Islands & Peninsulas
  • Tabletops
  • Bathroom Vanity Tops

Commercial uses

  • Lobby/Interior Walls
  • Conference Tables
  • Flooring & Inlays
  • Worktops
  • Bathroom Vanity Tops
  • Reception & Desktops


Daily cleaning

We recommend the use of a damp (microfiber) cloth, warm water and, if necessary, a pH neutral detergent, a slightly alkaline (pH 8-10) or a slightly acidic (pH 4-6) detergent for daily cleaning. Detergents especially designed for the purposes of natural stone maintenance should be preferred. We do not recommend the use of abrasive or very acidic or bleach-containing detergents.

Preventing and removing stains

Protect the worktop against stains. Keep chemicals and corrosives away from the worktop. We want to draw attention to the fact that honed and leather surfaces can very easily be scratched with metal objects.

We recommend that stains are removed immediately with paper towel, water and washing liquid in order to prevent dirt from drying or absorbing into the stone. With more stubborn stains, we recommend the use of special natural stone scouring products. We recommend that after using the product, the worktops are washed again with water and detergent. A suitable product can be obtained from Diapol or, depending on the country, from a retail network.

Preventing heat damage and scratches

Granite is comparatively scratch-proof, but we still recommend that you always use cutting boards. Granite is highly heat resistant, but we also still recommend that you use heat shields.

Long-term maintenance

All worktops have been treated with an impregnating agent to prevent liquids from absorbing into the stone and thus ensure longevity. Based on the intensity of use and the type of granite, we recommend that the granite is re-treated with an impregnating agent especially designed for the purposes of natural stone maintenance in every one or two years. Light granite worktops must certainly be treated once a year, dark ones in every one or two years. A suitable agent can be obtained from Diapol or, depending on the country, from a retail network.