PremiumSuper White

Quarzite Super White
Quartzite Super White
  • Quarzite Super White
  • Quartzite Super White

PremiumSuper White


Material: Quartzite
Colours: Grey
Surface Finish: Polished

Super White Quartzite is popular stone material among homeowners and interior designers. With its durability, ease of maintenance, stylish appearance, and sophisticated marble look, Super White Quartzite is a perfect choice for a kitchen countertop or vanitytop.

Edge profile

  • Antique Edge
    Antique Edge
  • Chamfer Edge
    Chamfer Edge
  • Shark nose
    Shark nose
  • Single Pencil Round Edge
    Single Pencil Round Edge
  • Half Rounded Edge
    Half Rounded Edge
  • Rounded Edge
    Rounded Edge
  • Pencil Round Edge
    Pencil Round Edge


Residential uses

  • Shower Stalls & Tub Surrounds
  • Fireplace Surrounds
  • Kitchen Worktops
  • Kitchen Islands & Peninsulas
  • Tabletops
  • Bathroom Vanity Tops

Commercial uses

  • Lobby/Interior Walls
  • Conference Tables
  • Flooring & Inlays
  • Worktops
  • Bathroom Vanity Tops
  • Reception & Desktops


Quarzite requires very little maintenance, it has low porosity which contributes to its antibacterial, anti-mould, and easy to clean features.

In order to maintain and enhance its low porosity level, it has to undergo sealant maintenance just once a year.

To prevent any damage, a heat-resistant pad must be placed before placing a hot pan on the countertop surface and we recommend using a cutting board.