Period 20.01.2020-15.03.2020

By ordering Aurora White 30mm Quartz worktops for atleast 4 kitchens simultaneously a £285+VAT per m2 all inclusive price will be used for pricing the project. An extra cost for measuring and fitting service will be agreed based on the total visits and worktop area in square meters.

£285 + VAT price includes chamfer edge finish and cutouts for: topmounted hob, undermounted sink and a single tap.

Campaign participation

Every customer will participate in the campaign if they place an order for 4 kitchen and/or bathroom worktops through online quote form, contact form or salesuk@diapol.co.uk email in between 20.01.2020-15.03.2020. Every enquiry received after 15. March 2020 will be applied a regular price list.  

Campaign offer (£285+VAT price per m2) will be applied if: Customer confirms order for worktops and measuring appointment from Diapol Granite before 15. March 2020. Subsequent orders will apply to regular pricelist of Diapol Granite.  

Diapol Granite reserves

the right to make changes to promotional terms informing customers of it through website, email or phone.